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WANEP – SL and Its Development

West Africa Network for Peacebuilding – Sierra Leone started as Coalition of Collaborative Peacebuilding Programme, (CCP) in 1998 when the country was in the process of resolving its own civil conflict that started in 1991. Comprising of agencies like Campaign for Good Governance (CGG), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Action Aid, Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), ABC-Development, Democracy and Development Associates (DA-DA SL) and Centre for Development and Human Rights (CDHR), it was established to add citizens’ voice through civil society to the peace process. With the demand for popular participation with representation from all over the country, it transformed to Network on Collaborative Peacebuilding – Sierra Leone (NCP-SL) in 2002. Being one of the national peacebuilding networks in the region, but with a name distinct from the other national networks, it was encouraged to carry the name WANEP-SL like its counterparts in Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and other countries in the West Africa Sub-region.


The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding-Sierra Leone (WANEP-SL) is now a well established national network of peacebuilding civil society organizations including women’s groups and religious institutions committed to encourage, facilitate and mobilize local initiatives for peacebuilding, promotion of gender justice, conflict resolutions and transformation. WANEP-SL is a membership network with 58 registered organizations across the country with a share responsibility and interest to prevent conflict and build peace.

Our Mission Statement

“A civil society network engaged in promoting peace building and conflict transformation through advocacy to enhance peaceful co-existence among Sierra Leoneans and within the sub region”

Our Core Values

  • Do No Harm by ensuring your intervention does not result into subsequent violent conflicts;
  • Team work in taking collective responsibility for actions;
  • Tolerance by accepting others as they are;
  • Transparency and accounting by ensuring openness in our activities

Our Vision Statement

“Well capacitated and functional network in safer Sierra Leone”

Our Programs

WANEP-SL work is enabled by four (4) key strategies: Enhancing Capacity for Change, Engage Women and Youth in Peacebuilding, Participatory Governance and Inclusion, Peaceful border communities (Early Warning and Response), which encompass training, communication, information sharing, education, advocacy and support national peace and development discourse.

Our Achievements

Since 2001, WANEP-SL has worked on thematic programs in capacity building and institutional development, training of local peace monitors in early warning and early response at border communities to monitor and report on conflict as well as generating local responses for conflict prevention. Trained monitors through WANEP-SL has established Chiefdom Response Committees to compliment and highlights areas of potential threats and draw government’s attention to areas falling short in the discharge of security services in combating smuggling of drugs, arms and commodities including merchandise, agricultural produce and livestock.

WANEP-SL collaborated with Mano River Women’s Peace Network (MARWOPNET) and other organizations/institutions including the Government Ministry of Social welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs to develop a National Action Plan for the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs) 1325 and 1820 in Sierra Leone.

WANEP-SL collaborated with the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) to implement the symbolic reparations program and psychosocial counseling for war victims in rural and underserved communities.

WANEP-SL promotes the domestic implementation of international peacebuilding and human rights standards by building the capacity of rural communities including women and human rights advocates to claim and realize women’s human rights. This is done through the development of new knowledge and the utilization of a rights-based approach.

WANEP-SL collaborates with other civil society organizations to host the ‘biggest ever’ civil society learning and sharing forum on Peace and Development (PaD Forum). Twice annually, this program brings together civil society actors, media and the private sector to build relationships, promote lesson learning and a non-violent environment. The forum (social evening) is always climaxed with the issuance of peace and development communiqué with action oriented recommendations for all relevant partners. Equally, the forum campaigns for the peaceful settle of the Yenga, border conflict, Eastern Region of Sierra Leone, which continues to pose as a threat to our fragile peace and democracy.

Together with efforts by other actors in and outside Sierra Leone, WANEP-SL is proud to be part of the process that has resulted in the ongoing relative peace prevailing in the country. It has been actively instrumental in working with other partners to manage pre to post election conflicts (Ballots not Bullets campaign) to maintain and build the peace. Today, in the minds of most Sierra Leoneans, it is peace that should rein and not war.

Inclusive coordination, experience sharing, knowledge exchange and capacity building have been the valuable asset consolidating the peace initiatives within the WANEP-SL framework, a lesson worth sharing.


No. Donor Project Focus Area
1 UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) Strengthening Civil Society Organizations in Sierra Leone to engage in Peace and Governance (Nationwide)
2 Open Society Institute (OSI) Women’s empowerment for protection and participation (Northern Province)
3 Cordaid, Netherlands Towards the development and full implementation of the Sierra Leone National Action Plan on UNSCRs 1325 & 1820 (Nationwide)
4 Newfield Foundation Rural Women Peace Initiative – A pilot initiative to increase rural women’s capacity to understand and claim rights” (Bo and Kailahun Districts)
5 WANEP/IBIS West Africa Integrating a Right-based Approach in Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention – Justice Lens, Voices of Women and Non-violence elections campaigns (Ballots not Bullets)
6 Japan Platform/Peacebuilders To develop a Network of Early Warning Monitoring and Response Mechanisms (Selected Border Communities)



WANEP-SL Communication Chain

Key: NMOs – Network Member Organizations

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