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WANEP is a network of peacebuilding civil society organizations with structural presence in all the countries of ECOWAS, including Cameroun and Chad.

The network seeks to build collaborative relationship among peacebuilding organizations towards conflict prevention and resolution. Its credibility and commitment to peace and stability in West Africa has been recognized by ECOWAS through the appointment of WANEP as the civil society representative at the ECOWAS secretariat.

The establishment of the network has been a response to the growing pathologic civil based violence and war in West Africa caused by mismanaged socio-political structures and systems. WANEP`s niche is built on its ability to facilitate a platform for concerted structural and social reforms amongst societies in West Africa sub region. It works towards achieving this through streamlined thematic programs.

These include the Women in Peacebuilding, the Non Violence and Peace Education, Research and Documentation, Democracy and Good Governance, and the Early Warning and Preventive Peacebuilding.

Within the WANEP-Nigeria structure, its mode of operation is through the six geo-political zones. These zonal arrangement facilitates an ownership process among zonal network groups and also encourages the local generation of intervention strategies to peculiar conflicts within the zones.

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