West Africa Early Warning and Early Response Network (WARN)

WARN is an integral of WANEP’s overall conflict prevention mechanism. It works to enhance human security in West Africa by monitoring and reporting socio-political situations that could degenerate into violent and destructive conflicts. WARN informs policy makers on options for response on one hand and WANEP’s response strategies on the other hand. The WARN programme of WANEP is the forerunner of the ECOWARN. WANEP is developing a National Early Warning System (NEWS) in all of its national networks to further strengthen ECOWARN by providing a more robust and grassroots information into the system. The programme (NEWS) is setting up community-based conflict monitoring systems with local monitors to produce conflict and peace assessment reports, early warning reports, and policy briefs which are widely disseminated to CSOs, governments, intergovernmental bodies, partners, and UN agencies