WANEP recognises that building community resilience and improving citizens-states relationship in advancing inclusive and participatory governance, peace and security requires enhancing the capacity of institutions to perform their mandate effectively. WANEP’s Capacity Building Programme, therefore, focuses on building the capacity of States, non-state actors, private sector, multinational and intergovernmental organisations to effectively engage on issues of human security, governance, violent extremism, development, environmental security, and election management. Some of the capacity building programmes include  WAPI, NAPE, WIPNET, and other specialized training/advocacy programmes on Mediation, Preventive Diplomacy, Dialogue, Election Security and Electoral Dispute Management. WAPI in particular is a yearly programme organised in partnership with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) to enhance skills and knowledge in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Through the capacity building initiatives, WANEP works with civil society actors and communities to build community resilience structures to develop and implement local solutions to their issues, and dialogue with States and local government structures to respond to conflict. WANEP also provides technical support to State institutions, inter-governmental organisations such as AU, ECOWAS and other RECs as well as multinational organisations and the private sector to improve their effectiveness in fulfilling their mandates towards ensuring the advancement of peace and security. At the national level especially, WANEP is a key partner of States and inter-governmental organisations in the implementation of peace architectures as well as National Early Warning and Response Mechanisms.  The media is also a key recipient of WANEP’s capacity building programmes. Thus, WANEP engages with media houses to build their capacity in conflict sensitive reporting, conflict prevention and peacebuilding.