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…More Laurels For WANEP


As a growing institution repositioning for greater efficiency, WANEP has in place a professional board comprised of credible professionals drawn
from different sectors of the society who contribute their time and resources to elevate WANEP to the heights it has reached today. Their policy
direction, guidance and oversight service has transformed WANEP into a brand much sought after at the regional, national and global levels.
Recently, a number of WANEP Regional Board members were elevated in their different fields of endeavor. These external endorsements are a living
testimony to the fact that WANEP worked with the best and will continue to work with the brightest in the West African region. These eminent personalities are shown below;

Prof. Isaac Olawale Albert: was given the Peace and Security award of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Accra, Ghana in
June 2013, appointed a Federal Delegate to the 2014 National Conference of Nigeria in April 2014 and also appointed as a member of the Presidential
Committee to Review Nigeria’s Defence Policy in November 2014. Prof Albert crowned it all with the prestigious Fellow of the Society for Peace Studies
and Practice of the University of Ibadan.

Dr. Lydia Umar: Appointed a Member of the Governing Council of the Kaduna State University in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Mr. William Awinador-Kanyirge: was the Deputy Representative of Ghana to the UN and now the Ghanaian Ambassador to Nigeria.

Dr. Christiana Thorpe: Successfully completed her tenure as the Chair of Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone and Chair of the ECOWAS Election
Managers Network. She won the 2014 Joe Baxter Award of IFES.
More laurels and more grease to all your elbows for making WANEP proud!

WANEP Program Director Becomes Fellow of ICMC

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