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Guinea Bissau — Post-Election Coup Attempt & Threat of Destabilisation [December 4, 2008]


In the early hours of Sunday November 23, 2008, the residence of the President Joao Bernardo Nino Vieira in Tion di Peppel quarters was attacked by assailant soldiers, killing one presidential guard and wounding others. This attack came barely days after November 16, 2008 parliamentary polls widely reported to have been free, fair and transparent. Immediate reaction from within Bissau, ECOWAS and the rest of the international community was swift and firm. In a press release issued on Monday after an emergency cabinet meeting, the Government of Guinea Bissau unreservedly condemned what it referred to as an attempted coup d’état and vowed to arrest and bring to book the perpetrators of such a heinous act. The population traumatised by years of instability quickly called for a mass demonstration in support of the democratic process and the country’s drive towards stability.

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Guinea — Coup d’état: Its Inevitability, Legitimizing Factors & Lessons for Africa

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