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Silencing The Guns, Strengthening Democratic Governance And Peaceful Elections In West Africa


Democratic governance in West Africa has been fragilized over the past decades by violent conflicts manifesting in the form of civil wars, coups d’ tats, ethnic, chieftaincy, religious and communal clashes. Added to this dire situation is the resurgence of violent extremism in the Sahel and Nigeria, with devastating consequences on the populations. Poor management of electoral processes coupled with existing socio-economic divides have further led to unprecedented violence with grave implications on regional stability.

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Jeunesse Et Gouvernance Politique En Afrique De l’Ouest:- Dialogue Intergenerationnel Et Partage d’Experience Avec Des Parlementaires Et Elus Locaux

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Youth And Political Governance In West Africa:- Intergenerational Dialogue And Experience Sharing With Parliamentarians And Local Elected Officials

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